Exhibit by Michael Garcia in the Ruiz Gallery
Showing until January 15, 2012

Garcia's art is an integration of Western and Eastern traditions. A recurring theme is a presence of kanji (or Japanese calligraphy) in his work. By assimilating two separate traditions, Garcia's paintings communicate in various ways for different audiences, a continuation of Eastern aesthetic infused with Western sensibility. They are works of art that embody an integration of diverse cultural traditions in unique and contemporary ways.


Carne Diem
Exhibit by Robert Amador in the Galeria de la Comunidad
Showing until January 15, 2012

During the time Robert Amador was creating pieces for this show, he was checked into the hospital with appendicitis.  After surgery, the hetook the opportunity to combine his recovery time with his creative time.  

Amador's girlfriend transported his painting supplies, and the artist continued working a few feet away from his bedside. He would hobble over and stay there for hours, painting.

The bout with appendicitis (along with vintage butcher and anatomy charts) inspired the direction of the Carne Diem collection. "It was a funny thought to me," Amador said, "the idea of how much is inside of us, crammed like socks in a drawer."