Arte Américas & A to Z Grantwriting present:   

Funding Your Passion 
A Workshop with Linda Vallejo on July 6
9am - 2pm 
Linda Vallejo presents a simple and proven system that teaches participants how to prepare, organize and submit, not just a single, successful proposal, but multiple, ongoing proposals for an effective grantwriting campaign. Throughout the workshop,Vallejo serves as instructor, mentor and advisor, leading participants through the steps needed to complete a successful grantwriting campaign. 

Participants will learn how to:

  • Implement a successful grantwriting campaign for long term funding and stability
  • Find and organize “good match” potential foundation, corporate, and government funders
  • Understand the specific A-to-Z steps for successful grantwriting
  • Establish a well organized and productive grantwriting team and development office
  • Develop positive ongoing communications with potential funding sources and supporters
  • Prepare for all funding opportunities and eliminate the stress and chaos of submitting proposals at the last minute
  • Study and understand a complete proposal package required by all funding sources, including organization and program budgets

Participants will receive an A to Z Grantwriting Manual with targeted resources, tools and samples and be able to question and receive advice on their specific needs, plus the support of a monthly newsletter. This workshop is open to all and has been designed for community leaders, nonprofit leadership and staff, and especially for cultural arts organizations.  

Registration fee:  
  • $150                          
  • $125 for members of Arte Américas/Valley Cultural Coalition

For information 
  • Call 559-266-2623 



About Linda Vallejo

Linda Vallejo has over thirty years of experience as a development consultant, grantwriter and grantwriting instructor. Over the past fifteen years, she has served as an on-line grantwriting instructor in over 2,000 colleges and universities nationwide, Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom. She has written and received over $30 million in grant funds from foundation, corporate, government and individual donors for her many clients nationwide.
Presently she serves as a grantwriting instructor for Loyola Marymount University Extension Non-Profit Funding and Development Certificate Program. Recently, she has also served as a development consultant, trainer, and grantwriter for the Compton Community College District, the Assistance League of America, and Pacoima Beautiful, a non-profit environmental education organization. For the past four years she has served as a visiting professor and grantwriting instructor for Otis School of Art and Design in Los Angeles, California.
Ms. Vallejo began her work in the non-profit sector as an artist and art teacher with Self Help Graphics, a non profit arts organization located in Los Angeles, California. She holds a Master of Fine Arts degree and is a practicing, professional artist exhibiting her art nationally and internationally. She has been awarded the Quién es Quién in U.S. Commerce National Award, Distinguished Recognition Award from the National Association Chicano Studies, Latinas Making History Award from Comisión Feminil de Los Angeles, and was acknowledged as an Outstanding Young Woman of America.


Linda Vallejo is a seasoned development consultant and grantwriter with extensive experience in all aspects of development duties, including donor communications and partnership building, establishment of development offices and successful development teams, consoidating required financial records and reports, and writing and submitting complete proposal packages to individual donors as well as corporate, foundation, and government funding sources.


1995 - present
A to Z Grantwriting On-Line Instructor in over 2,000 colleges and universities nationwide, ranked #7 in the nation in student numbers as of December 2011

2006 - present
Development Consultant and Grantwriter, Pacoima Beautiful, non-profit environmental education organization, Pacoima, CA

2008 - present
Grantwriting Instructor, Loyola Marymount University Extension, Non Profit Development Certificate Program

2008 - present
Grantwriting Instructor, Otis College of Art and Design, Public Practice Community Graduate Program and Otis Extension Program, Los Angeles, CA

2010 - 2011
Development Consultant and Trainer, Foundation for the Compton Community College District, El Camino College Compton Center

Grantwriting Instructor, “A to Z Grantwriting Tune-Up” as a part of the Los Angeles County Arts Commission’s Arts Tune-Up Program

Grantwriting Instructor, “A to Z Grantwriting Pre-Conference Institute” as part of the National Guild for Community Arts Education Conference

Proposal Reviewer/Referee, WM Keck Foundation, Southern California Program

Grantwriting Instructor, Foundation for the Compton Community College District, El Camino College Compton Center

Grantwriting Instructor and Trainer, Catalyst, Inc., Human Services non profit located in Lancaster, CA

Grantwriting Instructor and Trainer, Plumas County, CA for a group of non profit organization, agencies, and institutions

Grantwriting Instructor, Assistance League of America, national conference presenter

Development Consultant and Grantwriter, Center for Global Education at Loyola Marymount University

Development Consultant and Grantwriter, Carney Educational Services, non-profit after-school program provider

Grantwriting Instructor and Trainer, California Lawyers for the Arts and Latino Arts Network hosted by Plaza de la Raza

Grantwriting Instructor and Trainer, Los Cerritos Community College, Business Development Center

Grantwriting Instructor and Trainer, City of Los Angeles Waste Management Agency

Grantwriting Instructor and Trainer, Los Rios Community College District, Sacramento, California

Grantwriting Instructor and Trainer, Nevada State Recreation and Park Society

National Grantwriting Instructor, The Institute for Communication Improvement, presented in over twenty states nationwide

Development Consultant and Grantwriter, Project GRAD Los Angeles, educational non-profit. Collaborated with executive director to produce $14M US Department of Education Gear Up Grant

Grantwriting Instructor, The Learning Annex, Los Angeles

Development Consultant and Grantwriter, Wildlife on Wheels animal rights/environmental preservation non-profit

Development Consultant and Grantwriter, LA PASS, Los Angeles Partners Advocating Student Success, educational non-profit

Development Consultant and Grantwriter, The Achievement Council, Los Angeles, educational non-profit

Development Consultant and Grantwriter, MSI Community Development, Inc., medical services non-profit

Development Consultant and Grantwriter, Mar Vista Gardens, Culver City, low income housing non-profit

Development Consultant and Grantwriter, Los Angeles Classical Ballet, performing arts non-profit

Development Consultant and Grantwriter, Long Beach Civic Light Opera, performing arts and performing arts education non-profit

Artist in Residence and Development Associate, Self-Help Graphics and Art, Inc., multicultural visual arts non-profit

Master of Fine Arts, Cal State University Long Beach, 1978
Bachelor of Arts, Liberal Arts, Whittier College, 1971

United Who’s Who in American Executives, 2006
Quien es Quien in U.S. Commerce, National Award, 1994
National Association Chicano Studies, Distinguished Recognition, 1993
Latinas Making History Award, Comision Feminil de Los Angeles, 1991
Outstanding Young Woman of America, 1983


  • "Linda Vallejo is a consummate grant writer and development officer. Her skills in putting together a proposal, defining the needs, making the case, and matching the salient points of a proposal with the funding source at hand is excellent. Linda worked with our organization on multiple grants in both the public and private sector. In addition to taking the lead in any situation, Linda was able to work within a collaborative evident in receiving the largest single GEAR-UP grant within the State of California. She brings to the task a multitude of talents; the ability to analyze the issue, to write clearly and succinctly, to develop the complete proposal package, and to see the project through to its completion and follow-up. She was a major player in the early years of establishing our organization, bringing a resource of knowledge regarding funding agencies and foundations."

    Jack Ruebensaal
    Project Grad Los Angeles
    Professor, Los Angeles Community Colleges
  • "I have known and admired Linda Vallejo as an artist for almost twenty-five years. For almost that length of time, I have also admired her as an arts manager, arts fund raiser, and arts activist. Whether serving as a grantwriter for the Long Beach Civic Light Opera in the '80's or raising money for an exhibition of Chicana artists, in 2000, she has always been wildly successful. She not only knows the lay of the Arts Land (a land that, for Linda, extends beyond California to Mexico, Europe and China) but has mastered all the technical language and skills grantwriters needed in order to gain support for their passions, their projects and their clients. Quite simply, she is one of a handful of artists who understands and embraces the Business of Art and more often than not, she is able to translate that understanding into Dollars and Sense."

    Judith Luther Wilder, Co-Founder
    Center for Cultural Innovation
    Los Angeles, California
  • "I have worked with Linda Vallejo for over six years and have been impressed by her high quality of work, professionalism, and knowledge of the skill of grantwriting. She has managed complex federal grants with ease and has worked with program staff to translate ideas into exemplary documents. She is thorough and carries out each project until the job is done. I have also observed Linda teach and she has a remarkable way of demystifying the subject matter and drawing out the expertise and experience that each student brings. Linda brings a wealth of information, energy, and commitment to everything that she does."
    Ashley De Lucca
    Development Director
    Project GRAD Los Angeles

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