2017 Mural Project on the Fresno Bee Building

On Thursday, May 11, 2017, Arte Américas will dedicate the mural  c Fresno Bee Building after a long process in its realization.

The mural project was funded primarily by The McClatchy Fresno Art Endowment (MFAEand The California Arts Council
and celebrates the San Joaquin Valley's renown as the home of many widely recognized poets and writers. From two U.S. Poet Laureates in recent memory, to children's book writers, award-winning playwrights, novelists, and journalists.

Chilean muralist Francisco Letelier was commissioned to designed the mural, and he personally selected Mauro Carrera to be his primary assistant in the painting of the landmark work onto the building.  Together the two artists took on the task of painting the mural over the course of two months.

People from the community can help to support the project by purchasing one of the commemorative tiles that will span across the base of the mural. The tiles can be be inscribed with the names of the favorite poets and writers of the contributors, their families or businesses. Funds raised will help us to pay for the costs not covered by the grants, create funding for the maintenance of the mural, and to initiate further mural projects in the Cultural Arts District

Two tile sizes are available at a cost of $250 for a 4"x 8" rectangle or $500 for an 8"x 8" square.  

Those interested in purchasing a tile should email tiles@arteamericas.org or visit the "DONATE" page to purchase with your credit card.

More about Francisco Letelier: http://letelierart.blogspot.com/

More about Mauro Carrera: https://vimeo.com/64689427