One Degree Of Separation - Women's Exhibition at Arte Americas - March 5 - May 10. 2015

One Degree of Separation: 
A Sisterhood of California Women Artists 
 MARCH 5 - MAY 10, 2015 


Anja Albosta  -- Central Valley/Foothills
Brenda Allison -- Central Valley
Cecilia Aranaydo -- Central Valley
Rosie Arenas -- Central Valley
Reyes Arte -- Los Angeles
Ariel Bird -- Central Valley
Susan Manter-Bolen -- Central Valley
Rebecca Caraveo -- Central Valley
Noelle Correia -- Santa Cruz
Carolyn DeAnda -- Central Valley
Judy DeRosa -- Central Valley/Foothills
Madlyn Esquer -- Central Valley
Diane Gamboa -- Los Angeles
Rosie Getz -- Los Angeles
Chalome Gonzalez  -- Central Valley
Raquel Gutierrez  -- Central Valley
Judithe Hernandez -- Los Angeles
Jeannette L. Herrera -- Washington D.C.
Aileen Imperatrice -- Central Valley
Sam Lazcano -- Central Valley
Luz Lua -- Stockton
Margaret Niven  -- Santa Cruz
Ester Petschar -- Los Angeles
Peggy Weinschenk Quinlan  -- Central Valley
Christina Ramos -- Los Angeles
Kathleen Reyna -- Central Valley
Guadalupe Rodriguez -- Los Angeles
Sandy Rodriguez -- Los Angeles
Diana Rodriquez -- Central Valley
Nancy Romero -- Los Angeles
Sonia Romero -- Los Angeles
Gabriela Ruiz -- Los Angeles
Dixie Salazar -- Central Valley
Mandee Sanchez -- Central Valley
Anne Scheid -- Central Valley


Over the past twenty-eight years of Arte Américas’ tenure, it has primarily been women that have played a pivotal role in the organization’s success and leadership.  
From the foundation of the non-profit, to the acquisition of the current venue, grantwriting, administration, stewardship, and volunteerism that keeps the center open on a day-to-day basis --   women have been the driving force in the longevity of our cultural center. 

This exhibition is a tribute to each of these individuals.

This exhibition, "One Degree of Separation" is a five-year concept beginning with a core group of fifteen women  artists, collectors, advisors, and associates.  Each is directly connected and committed to our galleries, exhibitions, and organization as a whole.

Additionally, we asked a handful of these individuals to further  extend the invitation to artists
  • who they knew personally     and
  • whose work they admired
The number of participants immediately increased to 35 artists, and the works grew to represent a wide spectrum of media: oil/acrylic paintings, textiles, sculpture, cut paper, muralistic, 3D, tooled-metal, photography, pen-and-ink, collage, folk art toys.

Participants include veteran and emerging artists, arranged side-by-side. Residents from various towns and cities of the San Joaquin Valley next to their sister artists from Santa Cruz, Stockton, and throughout Los Angeles.

The greater ‘five year vision’ for this show is that with each subsequent year, the previously "invited artists" will be asked to invite an artist artists whom they know personally, and whose work they admire.    
 Due to space restrictions, many artists may not show (as extensively at least) for any two years in a row -- but in 2020 Arte Américas will invite all of the artists who participated in the project to submit works for a show to be hosted in galleries throughout Fresno. This show is still yet to be developed, but a full lineup of artists are ready to participate.
The current 2015 grouping focuses on artists from California, but the curators anticipate that future invitations will include women from other states -- and potentially other countries. Each artist, one degree of separation from Fresno, Arte Américas, and each other.

   Additional programming is also being scheduled to highlight artists who work beyond traditional visual media and include authors, poets, actors, and even Tai Chi instruction -- featuring women who represent a diverse spectrum of heritage and racial backgrounds. The exhibition will culminate with the cultural center’s popular Mother’s Day brunch event to be hosted in the outdoor plaza garden at Arte Américas on Sunday, May 10.

Admission to "One Degree of Separation" is 100% free! This is possible through a shared sponsorship by:
  •  The Fresno County League of Mexican-American Women
  •  Madera Latinas Unidas
  •  Women’s Studies Program at CSUF