South of the Grapevine - Arte Americas

Through the ambassadorship of Los Angeles-based Arte Américas supporters Yolanda and Henry Chavez, our organization has, in two short years, had the good fortune of meeting many artists, collectors, gallery owners, and well-connected individuals in the Los Angeles arts scene.  

Each of the allies who helped to make this exhibition possible can be traced, in one way or another, right back to the Chavez family.  

SOUTH OF THE GRAPEVINE includes some of LA’s most respected and celebrated contemporary artists, paired in the gallery alongside a selection of recognized emerging artists. 

One would need to travel great distances to encounter a collection of works by a group of artists of this caliber.  They each boast heart-quickening biographies that list cities, museums, galleries, and group shows where their artwork has been or is currently on view. 

Artists featured in this grouping were carefully and collaboratively selected in-house alongside four Los Angeles-based curators:  Cheryl Bookout, Andrew Cervantes, Kathleen Gallegos, and Amanda Quinn-Olivar. 

The collective roster assembled by these curators represents the proverbial “tip of the iceberg” in the scheme of LA’s diverse  multi-generational, multi-cultural spectrum of artists. 

A small companion exhibition is currently on view through August at Holy Grounds Coffee & Tea in Alhambra, California.  The grouping, appropriately titled NORTH OF THE GRAPEVINE, features a handful of Fresno-based artists.  

A 2017 edition of the NORTH OF THE GRAPEVINE exhibition is scheduled to be displayed at Los Angeles’ famous Avenue 50 Studio, and will be comprised of 2D and 3D works by twenty San Joaquin Valley-based artists.

Participating Artists:

Kelly Berg
Ben Botello
Oscar Castillo
Andrew Cervantes
Michael Chearney
Fabian Debora
Raoul de la Sota
Robert Graham
Chaz Guest
Collective Magpie
Raoul de la Sota
Shepard Fairey
Sophia Gasparian
Danny Greene
Kristina Hagman
George Herms
Ann Le
Alvaro Marquez
Kevin Stewart McGee
Martina Moreno 
Lindsey Nobel
Arnold Puentes
Jose Ramirez
Momilani Ramstrum
Sandy Rodriguez
Raquel “Rocky” Rojas
Frank Romero
Lily Simonsen
Sergio Teran 
Vincent Valdez 
Linda Vallejo 
The Phantom Street Artist 
Sharon Weiner
Suzan Woodruff