Samantha Lazcano - Sharp Curves Soft Edges - Works on view at Arte Americas in Fresno, California

Sharp Curves / Soft Edges  
New Works by Samantha Lazcano   

Sometime in the last five years, Fresno artist Samantha Lazcano went from being classified as an ‘emerging’ artist in local cultural arts scene to a respected colleague to veteran artists and her peers.      

Her works have evolved before our very eyes at Arte Américas -- and in grand style.  She has submitted and shown works in various group exhibitions, and most recently as a compliment exhibition alongside a group show featuring well-known artists from the East Coast.       

The figures that she creates on paper surfaces, canvases, and sheets of plywood share distinctive traits:  dramatic cheekbones, stylized knuckles on slender fingers, and eyes that stare pensively into the horizon.

Recurring elements: flowers and impossible Escherian geometric patterns are paired with the faces of the mythical subjects that Lazcano dreams up using her paint brush.  The introspective psychology that acts as the scaffolding for many of her drawings and paintings collide with a colorful and abstract simplicity that give the viewer a peek inside the artist’s complex creative spirit.  

Finished works range from the elegantly sinister to the whimsically provocative. The artwork represents new directions Lazcano has pursued over the last eighteen months in both her artistic and private life; an amalgamation of the carefree originality that initially made people take notice of the artists works paired with an evolving maturity that result in powerful visual narratives.