Winter 2016 - 2017 Exhibitions - ARTE AMERICAS

On view through February 12, 2017


As we enter the new year, we take a look forward to the 'next generation of artists' with roots in the Central Valley.  Our three exhibitions each independently showcase a diversity in media, and executed by artists who hail from cities and towns throughout the Central Valley.  

The cross-cultural and multi-thematic grouping of works capture the spirit of our organization's mission of 'creating a flourishing place.'  

As our Latino cultural center enters its thirtieth year of service to the cultural arts community, we are proud to begin our anniversary year by celebrating the artists whose works continue to inspire the world around them.    

Click on the title image of any of the exhibitions below to find out more about them.
Works by high school students from throughout the Central Valley.  Created, conceptualized and curated by two dedicated art teachers who seek to inspire the next generation of artists.

MUXERISTA selected works by Raquel "Rocky Rojas"
Rojas grew up in the rural community of Terra Bella, graduated from UC Davis and pursuing a Masters in Fine Arts from California State University, L.A.   The artist's works examine Chicana identity, Latinx culture, violence, systemic patriarchy, and resilience, while celebrating women's strength.
A diverse cross section of emerging Fresno-Area artists
 Kasey Rose Madden  |   David Samuels  
 Carlos Cisneros | Priscila Torres

Curated by Arte Americas Director Frank Delgado, showcasing four Fresno-area artists whose works span the spectrum of media, color palette, themes, and elements that individuate them from their peers.