For thirty years, Arte Américas has presented an exhibition that focuses on the theme of the ancient indigenous celebration known as El Día de los Muertos -- or the Day of the Dead.  This year in conjunction with our thirtieth anniversary, we have titled the show, Tributo, featuring not only a diverse variety of artwork, sculpture, ceramics, murals, and installation-altars that pay homage to individuals that have passed who were connected to our cultural center. 

The Ruiz Gallery also features a Community Altar -- where visitors can leave a slip of paper, or digital copies of photographs to remember the Dearly Departed.  This provides an opportunity for those of any cultural heritage to participate in this Mexican tradition.  

Throughout the gallery, large-scale altars have been constructed, several featuring murals that have been painted directly onto our gallery walls -- which will be painted over after the exhibition closes.  This is conceptualized as an allegorical reference to the impermanence and brevity of human life.

We encourage families to visit and experience the galleries together.  Afterward, we hope that some will be inspired to build their own altars at home and begin their own Día de los Muertos traditions.  This tradition is not only for those of Mexican descent; art-lovers of any heritage and cultural background are encouraged to engage in this celebration that has a history of more than 3,000 years.

Gallery hours:
Thursday - Saturday   11am-5pm
Sunday 1pm - 5pm

Admission and parking are FREE.