FOUR DEGREES OF SEPARATION, A Sisterhood of Women Artists at Arte Américas in Fresno, California


5PM -  8PM

This exhibition is the fourth stage of a five-year project, originally conceptualized in response to the fact that despite Arte Americas' commitment to uplifting women, there had not been an exhibition in the nearly thirty years of the organization's existence not only celebrated the work of women artists, but also shines a light on gender disparity in art galleries.

For the first year, the exhibition's curators identified twelve individuals who had either previously shown their works in our galleries or who had close connections to previous exhibitions. Each was asked to invite one other woman with whom they were personally acquainted to participate in an exhibition titled "One Degree of Separation," a group show that featured over thirty artists from throughout California.

For the second stage of this project, the original “invitees” were given the opportunity to extend their own invitation to women whose work they admire and respect.  This resulted in an avalanche of submitted works covering a wide spectrum of media, themes, techniques, and influences. The artists hail from cities in and around the Central Valley, Los Angeles, San Diego, Santa Cruz, Stockton, New York City, Taipei, Taiwan and Fukushima, Japan.

The third iteration featured a selection of artists that primarily come from the San Joaquin Valley, including a larger group of artists who hail from the artist communities in the foothills.  These artists are familiar to those who participate in Sierra Art Trails events, but are all-too-rare in Fresno’s galleries.  Additionally, this year’s exhibition features a great number of photographers, including several art students from California State University, Fresno.  

As we move into the fourth edition of the project, we are now able to highlight and feature an even wider variety of 2D and 3D artists.  The intention is to continue this project over the course of five years, discovering new participants using a Universe-guided system of creative inter-connectedness. 

It's exciting to think about how this project will continue to bring together artists whose names, hometowns, and works have yet to be revealed. When the project is complete, there will be over one hundred and fifty women who will have participated. Each will be one degree from Fresno, one degree from Arte Americas and most importantly, one degree from each other.